4 Key Strategies to Grow a Six-Figure Drop Shipping Business

Opening up a dropshipping store might pave the way to a very successful online business, but it is only the first step on a long road ahead. What ensures a positive response is knowing how to run the store, attract clients and receive feedback that can be taken as constructive criticism, to improve the store.

With all this in mind, one can begin to grow their business further and aim higher. Many examples of success stories can be seen where dropshippers started from nothing and then used their platform for earning incredible salaries. The strategies stated below describe a few of the ways in which you too can grow a six-figure salary from dropshipping.

1. Selecting a niche and value prop

The most crucial step in any dropshipping business is choosing the right niche for the store. This encompasses many factors such as:

· Knowing the target audience

· Having a fixed range of unique products

· Limiting to locations where shipment is easy and affordable

The best solution for anyone starting out in this industry to ensure the most suitable niche selection, is to look at the current trends and most wanted products for that region. An online store should have a better range of products than a local departmental store, otherwise people would not be interested in taking the risk of paying money online.

Apart from this, having a value prop attracts more attention from customers. In order to make your store stand out from competitors, it is beneficial to have such a proposition that is unique and clearly explains how the store is going to be the best choice for customers. With this proposal, users get a better understanding of how the store will cater to their specific needs.

Another thing to find out is where the initial problem lies, and how your store is able to solve it. This could be anything from high prices, products not being available, to time delays or customers not getting original products. Stats about the audience and their preferences help tackle all these issues and form a convincing proposition.

2. Providing the best customer service

The success rates of any e-commerce venture is directly related to how user friendly the experience is. Customers should be able to shop at their own leisure and find products which they are looking for.

After making observations about the audience and their preferences, one can begin to sell these items in their store and place more importance on them. Returning customers are the most valuable asset to a seller, so they should do their utmost to meet their needs.

A well designed page instantly attracts viewers, and even if they do not buy a product immediately they are aware of the store and what it has to offer, so they might come around or inform others about the website.

Customer support is vital in ensuring more profitable sales and a more reputable store. A good dropshipping store has a page for FAQs and inquiries, as well as contact details of the owner where the customer can directly ask questions via instant messaging and receive answers. Return policies, order tracking, promo deals and warranties should be mentioned wherever necessary.

A section for product information and feedback should also be available so that users know exactly what they are buying. HD quality pictures of items from multiple angles are important to create a good impression on the viewer.

3. Choosing a reliable supplier

A factor that is often overlooked by store owners- choosing a trustworthy source to supply products is of great significance in generating profits. A seller should make comparisons between multiple suppliers, and assess the pros and cons of each before reaching a conclusion.

The best method to do this is by contacting each supplier with queries and proposals. Based on how long they take to reply, how effectively they communicate and how professionally they are able to handle situations, one can opt for their preferred choice.

Another surefire technique to test out suppliers is by ordering a sample from their store, and seeing the customer service firsthand. This way, any doubts about the supplier’s integrity can be resolved and you could consider doing business with them.

4. Marketing your store

Unlike departmental stores and small shops, dropshipping stores give the seller an added advantage of saved time. Thus they can put in this effort into creating a good outlook and theme for the store, aswell as focus on advertisements to gain more followers.

The two key elements to focus on in this area are:

· Website design

· Social media optimization

Websites should be made with a specific theme in mind beforehand, which would garner attention of viewers. You should consider how easy a page is to navigate, or use on all type of devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. A color theme and clear font, or maybe a unique logo design can add to the appeal of the store.

Furthermore, word must spread about the store. Advertisements on large social media platforms are a great way to ensure that people would come across these ads and be interested in purchasing some of the products.

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