5 Best E-commerce Podcasts to follow in 2020

Following the trends of 2020 and trying to reach a wider target audience for shops has led to a rapid increase in E-commerce and online entrepreneurships. E-commerce or electronic commerce, is a term which describes how to perform transactions through the internet between buyers and sellers. More broadly speaking, it also includes activities such as internet banking, ticketing and online auctions.

This process has allowed people to carry their businesses to new heights, as they are able to connect with customers more efficiently through social media and advertisements. Delivery of goods can occur both nationally and internationally, leading to more growth and success of these businesses as compared to physical markets.

In order to learn further about e-commerce, one must gain direct knowledge from people who have direct experience in this area. Podcasts are a very simple and effective way to gain insight on this subject. Podcasts are a series of audio recordings, which may talk about a specific topic or many different topics, depending on the aim of the speaker. The consumer can download and listen to most podcasts for free, which benefits them too as they do not have to pay a hefty amount in order to subscribe or attain these.

Numerous podcasts are available on the subject of e-commerce and online businesses. Each one holds some valuable content from the host, such as their own experiences, advice on how to proceed and the basics of online marketing in general. Below is a narrowed down list of the 5 best e-commerce podcasts to follow in 2020.

1. The Tropical MBA Podcast

The two hosts of the famous Tropical MBA podcast, Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen, share their experience as two entrepreneurs in the online business world. Through their podcasts, they aimed to meet similar startup owners to gain knowledge and insight, and be able to interview these people and share their stories with others.

They release a new video every Thursday, sometimes with different guest speakers or business leading figures, so as to guide people on their journey online. They talk about how each person got through the process on their own which eventually led to success in their career.

2. E-commerce MasterPlan

Another podcast where weekly interviews and sessions are conducted is called the e-Commerce MasterPlan. The host speaker, Chloe Thomas, also hope to shed some light on the pros and cons of online startups, as well as what a newbie can expect as a result of this business depending on how much time and effort they put in.

Chloe has a number of followers who regularly listen to her podcasts for information and knowledge. Her listeners have also left a number of good reviews on her page, making her podcasts reputable for being one of the best sources of information regarding e-commerce.

She releases 30 minute videos on different topics of e-commerce, such as time saving techniques, how to build a large customer base by attracting more people, and what type of technology is most efficient in the process. Her most popular interview was with Elaine Pofeldt, author of “The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business: Make Great Money, Work the Way You Like, Have the Life You Want”

3. Smart Passive Income

The podcast Smart Passive Income is hosted by Pat Flynn, where audiences are told about his journey and experience as a successful business entrepreneur. He reveals his own strategies, sources of income and profit and also some important tips and tricks to consider while following this career path.

He conducts interviews every week with some of the smartest minds in the business industry, and shares their special advice and insight with his audience. The podcasts are not too long, and very easy to follow and gain some good information from due to the in-depth discussions and question answer sessions.

4. The Startup Chat

When looking for a concise podcast with a fun and lively vibe, along with heaps of helpful information, The Startup Chat is a good series to follow. It is run by two professional entrepreneurs, Steli Efti and Hiten Shah. They are both CEOs of successful and well established companies, so are able to share some useful anecdotes about running a business smoothly. Their podcasts are just 22 minutes each in order to keep them precise and easy to follow for any listener. A new audio is released by them every Tuesday and Friday. Their most famous podcast yet, ‘Knowing Who You Really Are as an Entrepreneur’ is a must hear for all beginners and people interested in e-commerce.

5. Perpetual Traffic

​Another great podcast recommendation on this list is Perpetual Traffic. This is a weekly marketing podcast run by hosts Keith Krance, Ralph Burns, and Molly Pittman. These three hosts share new strategies every week on how to boost sales and ensure profitable businesses, with the help of paid traffic, sponsorships and online advertisements.

This podcast is useful for beginners and experts equally, as it continues to share useful tips and techniques every week. Some success stories of other business owners and shared in this series to, in order to act as a guidance and inspiration for the audiences.

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