Top 10 products to Dropship in 2020

Many companies have switched to an online mode of business. One of the ways for efficient transactions between customers is dropshipping. Through this process, companies can take orders from customers rather than keeping stock beforehand, and then sell it at a profit by shipping directly to the buyer’s house. This idea allows more entrepreneurs and startups to become successful as it reduces the risk of waste, aswell as excessive investment without any returns.

E-commerce companies have to attract customers to buy their products through advertisements and marketing. For this purpose it is vital to follow the trends of 2020 to understand their audiences and what they are more likely to shop for online.

An easier way to keep up with all the trends is by dividing them into categories. The products can then fall into one such category for example health and safety, beauty products, travel accessories, and so on.

Following these basic trends, it is possible to devise a list of top 10 products to dropship in 2020.

1. Strapless backless bras

A strapless adhesive bra allows women to wear sleeveless dresses comfortably, without bra straps showing in an unorderly manner. Different sizes allow for this product to have a great range. They stay in place with the help of silicon suckers which ensure that any wardrobe malfunction is avoided. They can be sold at a low price and have increasing demand in 2020.

2. Hoodies

Hoodies are a must-have clothing item during winter months. They are very popular and the large variety gives audiences a bunch of options to pick their preferred style. They make for a very successful niche market in dropshipping.

3. Socks

Socks are an essential item all year round, and especially in the fall and winter months. They are great for wearing at home, work, sports and much more. Latest trends show that fuzzy socks or socks with bold colours and illustrations are preferred by young people. Such a wide range of products in online stores allows them to choose socks of their own liking. In addition to this, they come at a very reasonable price and can even be sold in bulk to one customer, thus generating easy and effective business for the company.

4. Sweatshirts

For winter collections, sweatshirts are another easy sell which are high in demand among many people. According to latest trends, young people like to wear more oversized sweatshirts that would help keep them warm during the day while also looking appealing. They can be worn under coats, above shirts or by themselves, and be fashioned with skirts, jeans and pants of any sort. The different options provided by this clothing item makes it a perfect sell to all audiences, and helps make profitable sales.

5. Scarves

Scarves are yet another winter item to accessorize with winter and summer clothes alike. The different possibilities provided by a simple scarf makes it a good fit in any dropshipping business. In summers, they can be fashioned as a headband or worn with both formal and casual dresses. In winters outfits they work very well with long trench coats and jackets. When presented with a good range of colours and patterns, a customer would surely be drawn to one or more products of their liking and invest in them.

6. Winter Coats

Winter coats can be a tedious to carry around in person once you buy them, so they are great for online buyers and shipping at home. They are of high quality, designed with good fabric to provide optimal warmth and comfort to those wearing them. Apart from this, they are always trending and appear very fashionable and stylish, making them an easy sell for all people.

7. Sweaters

Casual, formal and stylish sweaters are all very popular among online buyers during winters. The soft fabric makes them user-friendly at both home and outside. A reasonable range of good sweaters should be available at any online garment store or a startup shipping business, as they attract a large number of people easily.

8. Gym wear

Aside from regular summer and winter outfits of everyday wear, another important item to consider selling are gym clothes. These are the perfect sell for people who love to exercise and work out, either from the gym or at home. Selling these at decent prices would ensure a larger customer base. These clothes are available in flexible, breathable materials that are easy to wash and make exercising enjoyable.

9. One piece swimsuits

Similar to gym clothes, swimsuits can be a great item on a list for shoppers to add to their carts. While they are more commonly used in summer activities such as swimming or going to the beach, these are just as much a winter stock item for people in hot tubs or heated swimming pools.

10. Hooded Raincoats

Hooded raincoats are a great investment for people who live in tropical regions, or experience seasonal and monsoon rains. They help keep a person dry and comfortable. The hood also allows them to walk freely without wetting or damaging their hair in bad weather conditions. They can be bought online for a very cheap price, making the dropshipping very convenient for suppliers and customers.

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