Top 10 YouTubers to follow for Drop shippers

When trying to start up an e-commerce business with little or no experience beforehand, it is important for the owners to understand in proper detail the benefits and disadvantages of doing so. As with several other concepts of online marketing, drop shipping is one such method of business which is relatively new, but has proven to be effective for many entrepreneurs. That being said, successful dealerships can only occur through proper awareness and knowledge of this new marketing strategy.

For this purpose, it is helpful to gain insight from businessmen and businesswomen who have experience with drop shipping, along with enough knowledge about the risks and accomplishments of this technique.

Many social media figures can be found to help explain the process. For anyone considering their own startup, the simplest thing to follow is a YouTube page with all the right directions on how to proceed forward. This way the user can easily subscribe to a channel of their liking, and watch videos at their own leisure, as well as get notified when a new video is released.

Selected among a large variety of YouTube channels, here is a list of the top 10 YouTubers who have shared their experiences and know-how regarding drop shipping.

1. Dan Dasilva

Dan Dasilva is the CEO and founder of numerous successful drop shipping businesses. His page has over 110K subscribers who can follow his special advice and intellect. He provides solutions to various potential problems related to drop shipping eloquently. In addition to this, he believes that most people get it wrong because they prefer going for cliché stores that are not very efficient. It does not work well because one can own the category in the user’s mind and be the ‘go to’ brand in the space they are selling in. Moreover, there are many videos uploaded on his YouTube page where he provides a range of unique products to drop ship. His viewers generally find his videos very lively and friendly because his way of presenting ideas is quite fun.

2. Kevin Zhang

Kevin Zhang’s channel has already attracted around 53k subscribers, given his YouTube page is relatively new compared to others’. His videos mostly revolve around the idea of potential failures of drop shipping and how to overcome them. He relates those methods to this own experiences in his other videos which encourages his viewers to follow his trend and earn likewise. Moreover, he also discusses how one can setup an effective re-targeting campaign using Facebook Ads for a successful drop shipping business that makes use of Facebook Advertising.

3. Gabriel St-Germain

Another helpful page to follow belongs to Gabriel St-Germain. He is a 20 year old who has attained much success through his entrepreneurship and expertise. Gabriel has developed several case studies related to drop shipping on his page which makes his information easily accessible for its viewers. He talks about his own methods for testing new drop shipping products which guarantee a success rate of 60%.

4. Sharif Mohsin

Sharif Mohsin runs his YouTube channel on Shopify dropshipping. He shares his experiences, knowledge and tips that he had learned along a difficult but very worth it journey. Not only does he explain to his 61k subscribers how to setup a Shopify dropshipping store but he also reviews some his subscribers’ stores to mentor them. He sometimes holds live sessions on his page where he discusses dropshipping techniques with his viewers exclusively.

5. Scott Hilse

Scott Hilse has gained success through multiple drop shipping websites such as Aliexpress, Shopify, and advertising on Facebook. He is open with his audience about what to expect on their journey in dropshipping businesses while making it sound simpler to them. His videos show you the power of branding a one product dropshipping Shopify site. Moreover, he has a step-by-step approach to explaining scale drop shipping, making his videos easy to follow and understand for a wide range of viewers.

6. Kevin David

Kevin David trains his 384k subscribers methodically how to attain 7 figure numbers through online businesses and drop shipping. Among the various sources of earnings from drop shipping, Kevin portrays the unique strategy of making passive income by using Shopify and apps like ‘shine on’ as easy drop shipping techniques which, he believes, is a great place to start. On a lighter note, he is known for wearing unique shirts in his videos.

7. Sarah Chrisp

Sarah Chrisp owns a renowned YouTube page called ‘Wholesale Ted’ where she talks about drop shipping through various means. In some of her videos she draws comparisons between different drop shipping stores while in the others she presents key elements to pick a money making product to drop ship. Viewers generally enjoy her interactive videos in which she discusses their comments and messages as well.

8. Tanner Planes

Tanner Planes is another successful young entrepreneur with his own online business. His page is especially useful for beginners who wish to learn how to make their first dropshipping sale. In addition to the dropshipping stores reviews that he provides in his videos, he explains pros and cons of setting up a dropshipping business. Nonetheless, his dropshipping business managed to buy him his dream car!

9. Tobia Wilson

Tobia Wilson offers courses to her students through YouTube videos. He has over 48K subscribers due to his captivating method of explaining drop shipping where he explains how to create a Shopify store from scratch using ‘Oberlo’ and ‘Aliexpress’. His subscribers generally develop an insight of the right products for drop shipping on Aliexpress.

10. Sebastian Ghiorghiu

Sebastian Ghiorgiu is a young digital entrepreneur with over 228K subscribes on his channel. One of his standout qualities is that he offers ways to create winning dropshipping advertisements for his viewers. In addition to the step-by-step method of dropshipping that he presents in his videos, Sebastian also talks about dropshipping tax breakdown, which is essential for someone looking to setup any dropshipping business.

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